What’s in a name?

Welcome to my blog! Sorry it doesn’t look flashy and have a cool name yet… that will come in time (hopefully). My sister is pregnant and due in 1 week. You may wonder why I am telling you this. How rude! You should be happy for her and not wondering things like that! And you should also be happy for me as I get to be an aunty again. And we all know being an aunty rocks because you get to buy ridiculous presents like this…

My neices Stella and Matilda in the ridiculous toutou's I bought them

Shame on you.

But I digress. The real reason I mentioned that she is up the duff is because she still hasn’t picked out a name. She feels that she can’t name her baby until she meets her (yes – it’s a girl!). And I can see her point. You could have your heart set on an Eloise, but if the little nugget comes out a Racquel what will you do? Send her to a Catholic boarding school maybe. One with the really long uniforms? Anyway, my point is until I have truly given birth to this blog and wiped off all that birthing goo, I won’t really know what to call him or her. I need to spend some time with it to see which direction it will take. Then I will hopefully find the perfect name. Meanwhile if you have any suggestions for what it could be feel free to send them through. Don’t bother with rude ones though, my close friends have already suggested ALL of them.

3 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Yeah I’ve always wondered about this…I have cousins who have chosen the names of their babies ever since they (my cousins!) were like…10 years old! LOL I have no idea if I’ll ever have a baby, and if I do have a baby, how will I call it?? No idea! Choosing names is just so difficult…for BLOGS, imagine for a person!!! It’s something they have to carry for the rest of their lives…so you need to think a lot before such a decision…I keep thinking about all the possibilities of ridicule, thinking if that person ever travels or decides to live abroad…is the name somewhat easy for all to pronounce?? LOL Plus, I think the father should also give his opinion, right?? So…I have no idea what my future-oh-I-hope-not-so-far-way-future!!! baby is going to be called.

  2. I like the name you have already given the blog. “The naked envelope”. To me, it means it is not addressed to anyone, or being sent to any one. You can write what you want knowing that it is not specific to anyone.

    I do not have a name for mine though. I just have my hotmail account for the name which is savageindian. To me that means a lot. In the old days, they called Native Americans Savages, heathens, and what not. I do not care what they called us, we were just us. So I really should name my blog.

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