Something fun to do on a hangover

Here is something neat you could do after a rather large night out in friendly Las Vegas. Simply pay a nice lady $440 (USD) and take a 45 minute ride in a helicopter to the Grand Canyon. At first it’s a pretty casual ride. That is, until the nausea kicks in. Usually right above Hoover Dam when you are busy taking in the scenery. Don’t worry. There are little paper bags to spew into so you don’t get it on the pilot accidently.  You will need these.

Once you make it to the Grand Canyon you will be happy. Now you get to walk around and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of a sacred place. You try not to be sick in it. You may not be so lucky. Whilst in the canyon you will enjoy sitting in the hot sun for 30 mins and looking at a picnic lunch you cannot eat. Then when the pilot is ready you will reboard the helicopter. Don’t worry about those storm clouds. They would never let you fly in an electrical storm.

“Is that lightning?” Is a very worrying thing for a pilot to say while flying through an electrical storm. The reply, “Yes.” is also quite a worrying response. But a few mini voms later you will be back on solid ground. Don’t think you will walk away empty handed. You get to carry your little bags of spew home with you. Alternatively, you purchase a commemorative plaque that shows you standing next to the helicopter. You can relive the fun times every time you get it out of the box in the garage it’s stored in.

And that’s how you have fun on a hangover.

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