Lunchtime Review: Chicken in a Can

Photo journal of a lunchtime experiment.

Have I found love? Is chicken in a can the answer to all my lunch-time dilemmas?

Today I went to a supermarket. Not the little mini urban ones that only have the bare essentials, a big one with heaps of aisles. I used a trolley and everything. It had been a little while since I meandered down the aisles without rushing to get home to play words with friends. I took the time to peruse things besides my staple diet of rice crackers and dip.

Whilst stocking up on tuna I noticed a whole section of ‘not tuna’. To my surprise it was chicken in a can. A while ago I remembered hearing about chicken in a can and immediately thinking “gross”. That was the end of that. But looking at a huge chunk of the canned food aisle dedicated to it I wondered if I was missing something? I counted at least 15 different flavours, but there could have been a million or so (approximately). And if I’m ok eating tuna from a can, how is that so different to eating chicken from a can?

Here they are waiting to be bought all looking at me like puppies at the pet store. Ok so they have no eyes or faces, but you have to use your imagination.

After navigating my way through self-checkout (and only calling the guy over twice – a record!) I was the new owner of a my very own chicken in a can. (It cost $2.05… pricey… I hope you guys realise the sacrifices I go to bring you the hard news.)

At this stage I was thinking my home experiment could go either way. I have never heard anyone say they have actually tried it, but there was such a large range at the supermarket someone must be buying it!

Excitedly preparing my ingredients...

I went for the smoked chicken… tried to look for the least gross sounding flavour. Not sure that was the best choice, but I was a little overwhelmed with options (ceaser, teriyaki, sweet chilli, cracked pepper, mustard, tandoori, mayo and more… I mean… who knew?)

I opened up the can to this… ummm…. UMMM?!?


Do I strain that out? Ok I’m going in.

Bon appetit?

Flavourwise, imagine a pinky coloured meat, a texture a bit like sandwich tuna and a taste like watery, fishy, sawdust with some added artificial smoky flavour. It was pretty nasty. Seeing as everything usually tastes like chicken, and this tasted nothing like it, it was sort of worrying.

Plus, priced at $2 for a small can I could probably grow my own chicken and cook him up for a delicious snack. Just kidding, it would probably cost more than $2 to keep a chicken. Maybe $5?

I could only manage one corn thin with chicken from a can. Sadly, the rest went to whatever creatures are living in our rubbish bin.

Sorry chicken in a can… you are just not my bag!

I think this is the end of our beautiful relationship. I mean, you were fun and all, but it was just a onetime thing. It’s not you, it’s me. I’m just not ready to commit to you as a lunchtime source of protein. And I still really like tuna. Tuna has always been there. Tuna naturally comes from a can. It is born there and lives it whole life there until I buy it to put in salads. Chickens weren’t meant for cans.  We’ll always have our special journey together from Coles to my kitchen, but I guess I’m just not that into you.

What food have you tried but been really disappointed with?

Epilogue: After writing this I researched ‘chicken in a can’ a little more… Did you know you can get a WHOLE CHICKEN IN A CAN?!?

You can see more pics here… if you dare.

Enjoy your lunch! 😉

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