11 Awesome Things About My Mum

11 Awesome Things About My Mum

My mum is awesome. I don’t thank her enough. Although who could ever thank their mum enough? She fed you, clothed you, and made sure you stayed alive. She changed your nappy for years. And then there’s everything she did for you when you were a baby.

My mum is away this Mother’s Day so since I didn’t get to see her today I thought I’d mark the occasion by sharing 11 awesome things about her (ten just didn’t seem enough).

  1. My mum is the smartest person I know. She is my oracle. She can answer anything I ask. Once I asked her how she knew so much and she replied “because I’m smart and you’re not!” Can’t really argue with that.
  2. Her twitter handle is @rosegurl and I am one of three that she follows. Yes. She made an internet joke in her twitter handle. Awesome.
  3. She is always cracking jokes. She’ll say things like when I’d ask her opinion of my outfit while my hair was still drying in a towel she’d reply “looks good, but maybe better without the towel” and piss herself laughing. Watching her laughing hysterically at her own bad jokes is like looking into a crystal ball for my future.
  4. She is a nerd and when I was struggling to learn my times tables (about a year ago) she created a computer program for me so I could practice. I never would have been able to work out how much “30% off” equated to if it wasn’t for the solid maths skills she helped me build.
  5. When I went away to uni each term, she would sneak me extra spending money. “You’ll need drinking money, Miranda” she would say.  “Don’t tell your father!” she would say. “Don’t put that on your blog!” she would say. (I guess the cat’s out of the goon-bag now, sorry mum).
  6. She pandered to my extreme dietary requirements during my complete gluten and dairy free phase. Although I did find out later she put flour in the gravy without telling me. Good one mum, you always know what’s best!
  7. While I was packing to finally ‘move out’ (for good this time, not like all those other ‘pretend’ times) she told me she was a bit excited. She then went on to explain all the things she was looking forward to when I was gone. The week after I moved out she excitedly told me that my room had become her new ironing room.
  8. She is very complimentary and always thinks I look like various attractive people. It is a great confidence boost, but sadly it’s always those unconvincing links that only a mother can see. A female actress with brown hair? “You look a bit like her, M!”. Believable or not, I’ll take it, thanks mum!
  9. She is always hopeful, inspiring and believes in me. She can talk me out of a dark place with good ideas and positivity. She is even saving a space on her wall (next to photos of the rest of the family) for me. I’m not too sure what she is waiting for. How do I break her heart and tell her I may have peaked already?
  10. She still knows where my stuff is, even though I haven’t lived with her for years. I’d stashed something important in a safe place. Evidently, it was a VERY safe place and rang her in despair after I’d been looking everywhere fruitlessly. “Check your underwear drawer.” SERIOUSLY, HOW DID SHE KNOW THAT! Mums would make the best burglars.
  11. She has always been there. From the screaming/kicking/flailing and oh so public tantrums I had as a child (I wanted the PINK sandals) to the personal crises I’ve had more recently (perhaps still about some pink sandals) she is there.

She really is so awesome.

But I know I’m not the only one with an awesome mum. Imagine if your mum was Deb ‘Spoons’ Perry!

So what makes your mum awesome?

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