Getting to Know Me Better: Highlights From a Productive Day

8am Wake up, ready for the day and keen to be as productive as possible.

8:01 Accidently fall back asleep.

10:03 Wake up again, really ready to start the day this time.

10:03-1030am Shower & get dressed. Decide should wear jeans instead of “house pants” just in case I want to go outside.

10:31 Breakfast & read local paper “what’s happening” section. Get excited about all the interesting things going on in the local area.

10:55 Realise paper is a week old and all events have now passed.

Hnnnnnggg! Irrevelant pic of my friend Chris’ dog, Jager.

10:56 Sit at desk to begin writing

10:57 Call sister to hear her news

11:35 Sit back at desk to work. Open blank word document.

11:36 Remember bills need paying,

11:47 Call Telstra to query increase in phone bill.

12:22 After lengthy hold periods and discussions eventually remember I increased it a while ago. Thank Telstra operator for help. Leave them a good rating for service. Feel happy that good deed is done for today.

12:37 Sit back down to blank word document.

12:38 Decide health insurance isn’t comprehensive enough and needs to be upgraded. Cannot live another minute until this is done. Call health insurance company.

1:27 Call complete and insurance sorted. Satisfied with today’s progress decide it’s time for lunch…

2:34 Decide it’s really time to do work now.

2:35 Open blind in bedroom.

2:38 After a few minutes staring out window, realise window is too dusty and can’t see out if properly. It must be cleaned.

2:39-2:55 Look for Windex.

2:56 Find Windex and begin cleaning.

3:15 Finish cleaning. Feeling good. Getting shit DONE!

3: 16-4:20 Put washing on, tidy desks, sort clothes.

How could I stay mad at you?

4:21 Decide on an interesting topic to write about, must research this.

4:22 Research flights to Melbourne instead.

4:40 Eyes are straining so take a walk to the bakery to get a biscuit. Lucky I didn’t wear my house pants or I would have had to change. Congratulate self for this move.

4:45 Eat biscuit.

4:48 Feel guilty about eating biscuit, so go for a run.

4:49 – 8:29 Run, shower and dinner time suckage.

8:30 Get back to computer to continue researching weekend away.

8:42 Book flights for Friday the 13th.

8:43 Worry a little that this is a bad day to fly.

8:44 Think self is stupid for being superstitious about flying on Friday 13th.

8:45 Decide to purchase carbon offset with flight to get good karma in order to equalise Friday 13th bad luck. Feel better.

8:46 Face blank word document and write a heading.

8:47 Creep around Facebook admiring the achievements of others.

11.06 Go to shut down computer. It asks me if I want to save the word document. Feel judged by the computer.

11:08 Get into bed and recap the days achievements. Sleep comfortably…

All tuckered out.

13 thoughts on “Getting to Know Me Better: Highlights From a Productive Day

  1. “Decide to purchase carbon offset with flight to get good karma in order to equalise Friday 13th bad luck. Feel better.”

    I’m pretty sure that’s now karma works. I nearly spat red wine over my laptop as I read it.

    20:24 – Read something funny a girl wrote and almost ruined a perfectly good laptop.
    20:26 – Curiously checked the prices of new laptops and compared it to my current fiduciary situation and potential to purchase the aforementioned device.
    20:27 – Felt sad about being a journalist. And poor. Hypothesised the two may be related.
    20:28 – Refilled wine glass.

    Thank you for sharing this unique look at your day!

    • Haha glad you appreciate my karma logic! I reckon it’s flawless.

      9:04 Spent a few minutes formatting and printing “Ultimate Guide to Writing…” including tip no. 2 “Don’t Procrastinate”. Will see how far I get!

      Enjoy your red wine 🙂

  2. If I understand the concept of ‘house pants’, thank you for not going outside in them. I hate that… unless I am wrong and you don’t mean those pajama things everybody goes to the store in, then never mind…

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