10 Internet Things to Make You Smile

Recently a good friend of mine (let’s call her Catalina…) needed a bit of cheering up. Being on the other side of Earth my usual strategy (performing a liturgical dance to the music of Shania Twain) just wouldn’t do. Instead I used my refined skills in online procrastination to pull together a bunch of my favourite smile-inducing-interweb-things to send her. Then I thought maybe we could all use a few cheeky grins so I have put together a selection of them here. Also it is the Easter long weekend and I’ve got a lot of business* to get through so I wanted to get this post up quickly. And on that note…

1. Sloths… Let’s be honest, I could do ten awesome things just about sloths but I’ll try and contain myself… SQUEEEEEE-BABY SLOTHS BATHED IN TEA AND HUNG TO DRY ON CLOTHES HORSES!!! Um… also… baby sloths in onesies spooning. And yes Sloth…. you can fly!

2. LOLCATZ! There can’t be an internet list without some a cat reference. My favourite cat of the moment has got to be this guy… meet @samhaseyebrows


When cats of the internet collide… #samhaseyebrows vs #grumpycat…

photo-13. Tiny pigs. Introducing Kingsford! For the world cannot be all bad when there are mini piglets in it… just trying to keep up on their tiny, stumpy, bacon-flavoured legs.

You know who else likes pigs? Baby monkeys. You know what they like to do on pigs? Ride backwards on them of course!

4. World’s Shortest Train: I bet you watch this at least five times…

5. Dogs of the internet… My favourite internet dog, Tuna, is a big star on instagram. He has an agressive overbite and the daily pictures of him make me smile every morning.


Also Food On My Dog tumblr and Dog Shaming tumblr get me everytime.

tiger FOMD

6. And it’s not just hilarious animals making me smile – baby people are too! Bad kids jokes tumblr is a blog created by someone who moderate jokes on a kids jokes website and puts the unpublishable ones on this blog.

kidsjoke7. Dumb people hurting themselves: the clip is titled ‘The most stupid man in the world’ and who the hell am I to argue with that?

8. Female readers… do you know your limits? Well you should, or your simple brain might start to scramble. Remember… overeducation leads to ugliness, premature aging, and beard growth.

9. Death Star Canteen: Take the comedic talents of Eddie Izzard, Star Wars, plus a whole bunch of lego and you have the Death Star canteen…

“This one is wet, and this one is wet, and this one is wet… did you dry these in a rainforest?!”

10. Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell Fight Over Tight Pants: It is not possible to watch this without smiling. I recommend a daily viewing.

Also from these two – highly commended goes to this fake hands clip “Jacob’s patience”. And another classic from Will: “The Landlord“.

As a final note, I think we can all take a little something from Mr Ron Swanson’s pyramid of greatness…ron swanson

*Business = Easter eggs

There was no way I could have covered everything, so please share your favourite links below…

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