13 Everyday Things That Hurt My Feelings

  1. Catching someone’s eye in the awkward gap between toilet doors and the stall wall
  2. Morning time
  3. Those little bits of skins around your finger nails that seem so harmless until you pull them
  4. Washing lettuce
  5. Waking up before you need to and feeling dandy, going back to sleep, and then feeling the rage of a hell beast when your alarm goes off
  6. Getting white things dirty
  7. When you’re zoned out on a conference call and you get asked a question
  8. Getting hangry at someone, eating, feeling normal again and realizing you were being a complete bitch and now have to apologise hangry-someecard
  9. People that don’t space out evenly in lifts
  10. Crusty bread that seems delicious and harmless, but is actually slowly and meticulously shredding the entire roof of your mouth
  11. Grocery shopping
  12. Being polite when sharing food with other people
  13. Mandarins that are 68% seeds

What hurts your feelings?

14 thoughts on “13 Everyday Things That Hurt My Feelings

  1. People who congest insanely busy streets, shopping centres and pathways because they’re stupid enough to think that they can text and walk at the same time. I keeeeel you

  2. All of the above! Plus: 1. Grapes with seeds. Watermelons with seeds. I’m all for GM food if it getsr rid of the seeds in my mouth. 2. People who get to the top of the escalators or stairs…and just stop. 3. Also, [insert appropriate collective noun]s of mothers with prams taking up the entire footpath/supermarket aisle/mall/cafe and being completely oblivious to my exasperated sighs.

  3. When you’re walking down a footpath and someone is approaching, you go left, they go right, now you both compensate and go the other way, not avoiding collision, then when you both have to come to a stop and discuss which way you’re going to go or move them yourself. Hurt feelings.

  4. Ha ha, number 7!! I’ll be sure to ask you a question next time. 🙂
    It hurts my feelings when someone leaves a tissue in their pocket and it goes through the wash, and everything ends up covered in wet tissue fragments.

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