Long-haul flights are a certain kind of hell

I don’t want to be smug or anything, but I’m on a month long European holiday. I’ve sunned myself through Croatia, yodelled through Austria, and am about to hit up Germany before moving onto the UK. Ok I lie… the whole point of going on holidays is to be smug about it to everyone. That and to experience different cultures and have a pretty awesome time doing it – I suppose. But my smugness really came back to bite me on the flight from Sydney to London. Here’s what happened.

Flying anxiety, take-off delays and knowing I had a middle seat didn’t suggest a breezy flight, but the promise of what I was heading towards kept me cheerful. Continue reading

Miranda Ryan News Headlines

The discovery of a new mammal; a rogue tissue in the wash; and the possibility of flesh-eating maggots burrowing into her brain… Good afternoon, it’s Miranda Ryan here with the Miranda Ryan news headlines.

Last night Miranda fell asleep on her side as normal, but awoke with both arms stretched way above her head. Both arms were completely numb so she had to try to flip over using just her body. Onlookers said she appeared not unlike a wounded dolphin, and regretted being friends with her. Continue reading