My Shitty Results in Buzzfeed Quizzes Are Giving Me a Complex

The results are in. And if the scientific basis of the Buzzfeed quizzes are anything to go by (which they obviously are) my personality is looking more than questionable. Getting the worst option in one or two “which something are you?” style quizzes can be funny, but it’s happened to me too many times to count. It’s made me wonder: is it me?

Some of my recent Buzzfeed quiz results include:

Bluth family member: Buster Bluth 

Arrested Development is one of my favourite comedy’s so I was extremely excited to take this quiz. And then I got Buster… *sad face*.


Buster Bluth is a 30-something mumma’s boy with a hook in replace of his left hand that was bitten off by a seal. He dated his mother’s best friend, Lucille 2. He’s a great character. But not one you want to personify. Up yours, Buzzfeed. I’d rather be Tobias. #nevernudes4lyf

Buster dressed up with his mother (Lucille 1 )

Buster dressed up with his mother (Lucille 1 )

How did it get to this?

Harry Potter character: Neville Longbottom


He’s a massive geek who is “awkward and clumsy”… wait a second. OK maybe this one is bang on. At least I’m in Gryffindor. And (spoiler alert) he comes through in the end to help defeat you-know-who so I guess he is sort of a hero. Whatever though, Harry gets all the glory anyway… and I wanted to be Hermione.

Parks and Recreation character: Jean-Ralphio.


Jean-Ralphio is the wooo-ooorrrr-st… as is his twin sister, Mona-Lisa. I mean they’re hilarious, but everybody hates them.

Why hasn’t anyone ever mentioned that my personality needs an upgrade? I had no idea the situation was so bad. I will be spending tonight taking a long hard look in the mirror. Lucky I had no plans… I’m beginning to see why.

Dog Breed: Corgi. 



Sorry Queen Lizzie, but Corgi’s have to be one of, if not, THE shittest dog breeds. I am a dog obsessive and find pretty much every dog adorable, even (especially) the really ugly ones… but Corgi’s? I’m no saint. Don’t try and gloss over those stubby legs and ridiculous ears by lavishing me with compliments and dressing me up in cute outfits: a turd in an adorable doggy-sized onesie is still a turd.

Sex in the City character: Miranda 


“You wish you were a Carrie, but alas, you are a Miranda“ = story of my life… Nobody wants to be a Miranda. I don’t know what to say, Buzzfeed, but perhaps you do know me after all.

Do you have any tips to make my personality better?

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