My week in pictures…

When your partner is explaining your new job to someone over the phone and your suspicion that he has no clue what you do is confirmed…. but makes for hilarious listening…

lol-face “and the audiences and research… why did you have to ask me this just as she got in the car?”

When your nieces are adorable and make you love notes and you feel all the #feels… 

Miss S has really captured my eyes in this…


photo2Hmm I wonder why Miss T only said she likes me… *has anxiety attack*

When you’re at the physio and he’s like “walk normally” and you immediately forget how to walk and are unsure you ever really knew.


When you’re still at the physio and he confirms your fears… My toenail (see previous post) is definitely going to turn completely black and fall off… Damn you coke bottle! Damn you to hell!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Ok so maybe that is not a real photo… And yes I just googled “zombie foot”. But you should be grateful… at first I searched “black toenail” (no judgement please) and the images made me dry retch.

When you’re at a breakfast meeting and there are delicious pastries and you just want to eat them all but everyone is being really polite and not eating anything.


Breakfast meeting selfie

When you discover there is a type of squirrel that can kill deer and you realise you were right to fear those cute little death ninjas all along and everything you think you knew is potentially a lie…


Squirrels of death

When it’s Sunday morning and you’re not hungover and you’re emailing your real estate agent about some leaks in the apartment and you wonder how did you get here?


Where did I go wrong?

And then you’re like “nah actually it’s all pretty sweet” and put on your panda hat and have a laugh…


6 thoughts on “My week in pictures…

  1. Kids’ artwork is so vulnerable and sweet, it just about breaks your heart. 🙂
    So did the lure of the breakfast pastries overcome the fear of looking greedy and inappropriate? I reckon it would have for me.

    • I know… It is seriously so cute. And I love it when they explain what each thing is… 😍 haha yeah I got my fair share of pastries!! Making up for all that lost time working for the government and having pastry free meetings 😉 x

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