Why We Should All Care About the Fairfax/Rinehart Situation

Update 23/06: This post was also featured on The Urban Times. It’s a great site, you should check it out!

This week has marked major shake ups in the print and online journalism industry in Australia. This post summarises those developments and offers suggestions of how to prevent the situation from worsening. Continue reading

Dr Google: A Sure Way to Catch Cyberchondria

You’re sick at home, perhaps it’s night time, and your local medical centre is shut. You are wondering what’s wrong so a quick look online and some self-diagnosis should definitely ease those worries…

I had been getting very frequent headaches, fatigue and light-headedness. You know that feeling when you’re so hungover the room is spinning and you can’t even look at the ceiling without wanting to ‘shout groceries’? That. I had some other symptoms too, but the dizziness was my biggest concern and my mind began to get creative as to what I might have. Continue reading

Lunchtime Review: Chicken in a Can

Photo journal of a lunchtime experiment.

Have I found love? Is chicken in a can the answer to all my lunch-time dilemmas?

Today I went to a supermarket. Not the little mini urban ones that only have the bare essentials, a big one with heaps of aisles. I used a trolley and everything. It had been a little while since I meandered down the aisles without rushing to get home to play words with friends. I took the time to peruse things besides my staple diet of rice crackers and dip.

Whilst stocking up on tuna I noticed a whole section of ‘not tuna’. To my surprise it was chicken in a can. Continue reading