A Day at the Sydney Writers’ Festival: it’s… the vibe… of the thing

The Sydney Writers’ Festival is an annual event featuring talks and panel discussions from authors around the globe. It’s a time when I get my writing/reading nerd on so I thought I’d share a feel for what a day at the festival is like.

  • I arrive. Sodden from the rain.
  • I get directed and redirected until I find the correct ticket window. Volunteers are in abundance, but unfortunately hold no clues.
  • I get misdirected again.
  • The queue is large by the time I arrive; the line stretches along the pier. It’s a free talk with limited space so volunteers count people waiting… 15, 16, 17… Continue reading

Friday Night FOMO



“Fear Of Missing Out”.

The fear that if you miss a party or event you will miss out on something great. – Urban Dictionary

I live in constant FOMO. I love to party. I want to go to all the parties and have all the fun.

But this FOMO is getting more serious. It’s infiltrated into my entire my life.

It is crippling.

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