Search Terms That Have Lead People to The Naked Envelope

I wrote this post with my tail between my legs and a guilty “I ate the steak off the BBQ” dog face. Sorry I haven’t posted in so long. Life has been getting in the way of my little blog. I have very much been missing you guys though!

Logging into WordPress one of the first things I do is look at the stats tab. Once I’ve established my hit rate for the day is about average (nothing to see here) I move onto the ‘Search Engine Terms’ section. This is often quite amusing so I thought I’d share some of the ways in which people have found The Naked Envelope. Continue reading

Friday Night FOMO



“Fear Of Missing Out”.

The fear that if you miss a party or event you will miss out on something great. – Urban Dictionary

I live in constant FOMO. I love to party. I want to go to all the parties and have all the fun.

But this FOMO is getting more serious. It’s infiltrated into my entire my life.

It is crippling.

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