The Joy of Being Single at a Wedding

As another wedding season is in full swing, single people everywhere are sobbing into their soup-for-one.

Hollywood films such as the cult-favourite Wedding Crashers give the impression that a single person to a wedding is as a dog to a bone; chewed for a bit and then buried in the backyard. Wait I think I messed that up… something about a bone anyways.

My point is there is a common misconception that weddings are great places for single people to meet. And that it is happening all the time; probably right now at a wedding near you! This isn’t true. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

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Something fun to do on a hangover

Here is something neat you could do after a rather large night out in friendly Las Vegas. Simply pay a nice lady $440 (USD) and take a 45 minute ride in a helicopter to the Grand Canyon. At first it’s a pretty casual ride. That is, until the nausea kicks in. Usually right above Hoover Dam when you are busy taking in the scenery. Don’t worry. There are little paper bags to spew into so you don’t get it on the pilot accidently.  You will need these.

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