Tips for Finding the Perfect Share-house or Housemate

When searching for a share house to move in to, there are no second chances. Appearing a little weird in your profile or saying the wrong thing during the interview will get you culled faster than you can say “who forgot to flush?”

Living with people you don’t know or inviting someone random to move in with you is risky. This is someone you’re going to have boring conversations about your day with, see their pubic hairs in the bathroom and get annoyed at when they leave your Tupperware at work. It’s an intimate relationship. And if it doesn’t have a solid grounding it has great potential to turn sour. Even the best of friends living together can turn ‘who-ate-my-pear’ shaped! In order to give it the best chance to work, a careful selection process is necessary. Continue reading

A lie I told to two church women

This afternoon there was a knock at the door. In my previous house when I lived next to Matt the drug dealer I chose not to open the door unless I knew who it was, but for some reason in my new leafy street I feel a bit safer, or maybe it was just my Saturday good mood.

When I opened the door two elderly ladies greeted me with a smile and introduced themselves. They were from the local church and were inviting people in the neighbourhood to join them for Christmas mass. Continue reading