colonoscopy > cancer… advocate for your health!

I’m compelled to share some personal news in case someone needs to hear it. In July 2022 I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I’ve since had a successful surgery followed by chemotherapy treatment. It has been gruelling to endure, and my “cancer journey” certainly isn’t over, but I’m now thankfully into the monitoring stage.

However, I’m acutely aware it could have been way worse. If I hadn’t pushed for a colonoscopy the doctors wanted to wait another 2 years. I hate to think of the outcome if I’d accepted that initial discussion. My point is: it’s vital to be your own best health advocate.

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mike’s orange slices

“Want to split an orange, Baby?” he’d call out to me from bent over the open fridge. Mike and I always used to share them.

The other day without thinking I cut this orange up into 8 pieces and started eating, by the third slice it was getting harder to swallow as I realized what I was looking at, on the chopping board were Mike’s orange slices. His portion.

“Everything’s always better when you share”. He always said. Of course he was right.

These were Mike’s orange slices. I left them out for a bit because I was too sad to deal with them. I thought maybe I’d eat them later. I didn’t.

I hate wasting food, but I couldn’t eat these orange slices. They were his.

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